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Building Smart Means Building Fast

TruWood offers easy-to-install products and videos to eliminate callbacks

TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding
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There isn't a builder out there who hasn't received the dreaded callback. Callbacks are a damaging setback for any company and, while mistakes happen, most callbacks can be avoided. But forward thinking builders are including the Collins Companies, the manufacturers of TruWood Siding and Trim, at the design stage to value engineer their siding and application procedures to virtually eliminate call-backs. How? Simple:

  1. Pick a quality product. TruWood Siding and Trim provides a durable, quality, engineered-wood product designed to look like cedar. Additionally, the siding and trim come pre-primed and paint ready and are specifically designed to prevent splitting, cracking, and checking. All products come with a fully transferable 30-year warranty.
  2. Pick a pattern that has fast, easy installation opportunities. Some siding installs faster than others. TruWood's Cottage Lap Siding products are engineered to eliminate any installation confusion and provide a simple and fast solution. So quick they go up 60% faster than their competitive counterparts, cement and vinyl siding. Time is money and that's a lot of money.
  3. Take advantage of available installation resources. To eliminate any confusion, TruWood provides application seminars, videos, and downloadable PDFs for all of its products. The videos can be found at http://www.collinsco.com/TruWood/Instructions/Video/. PDFs of spec and product sheets can be found at http://www.collinsco.com/TruWood/Instructions/. Or call Collins at 1.800.417.3674 to arrange an application seminar.