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Turn a Beautiful Corner with TruWood Designer Trim

Stylish exterior trim is just as important as the details used inside a home.

TruWood Designer Trim
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The story behind TruWood® Trim-both the Reversible and Designer lines-is pretty simple.

"For years people have been putting fancy trims around interior doors and windows," says Kevin Paldino. "We just decided to take that concept to the outside. Everyone we show it to says, 'Hey, that's a good idea.'"

The Designer line features both channeled and beveled styles. The beveled style utilizes a traditional Roman Ogee bevel cut while the channeled style features two 1/16th-inch channels at both edges of the trim board. The Reversible line has a textured surface on one side that replicates the look of natural cedar; the reverse side is smooth to complement all siding textures. TruWood Trim can be used for band boards, batten, corner boards, cornice, door trim, fascia, frieze boards, rake boards, soffits, and window trim.

But perhaps the most important element of both lines is their thickness. Unlike many trims where manufacturers skimp on the thickness to achieve a lower price point, TruWood's trim comes in 4/4- and 5/4-inch thicknesses.

"Our trims are a true four-quarter or five-quarter thick, which means the actual thicknesses are a full 3/4 inch or 1 inch," says Paldino. "This makes it the ideal trim to use with most lap sidings. When you put one piece of siding over another, even the thinnest siding adds up to 10/16th. Our 4/4 trim will cover that, but a thinner competitive trim won't meet the needs of the builder. So, in the long run, I save the builder money with my 4/4 trim. And if they want the added curb appeal of a thicker trim, my 5/4 trim is perfect."