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Today�s Homes Call for Distinctive Exterior Details

More than ever, curb appeal is what gets homes sold

One up side of the housing downturn is that successful builders - especially those production builders who have weathered the past few years - know that the homes they put up now must be durable, energy-efficient, and distinctive. That's because the days of taking a treeless pasture and loading it with flimsy, stuccoed McMansions, a sight one Colorado builder calls "all rooftops and garages," are definitely over.

TruWood Designer Shake
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But how do production builders - or even custom builders, for that matter - make their homes stand out? By necessity, floor plans have to be similar for cost-effective construction and land prices make higher density almost a requirement. Curb appeal, more than ever, is essential. And that means exteriors with plenty of interesting details.

"For years, the argument against production builders was that the homes they built looked too cookie-cutter, with house after house on acres of land," says Kevin Paldino. "The 37 different styles of siding from the TruWood® Collection allow the production builder to essentially have a product that makes each house look unique without adversely affecting the cost in any way."

TruWood Siding and Trim products are manufactured by Collins Products, a division of the Portland, Oregon-based Collins Companies. It is a family owned business that traces its roots back to 1855, when T.D. Collins began timber operations in Pennsylvania.

TruWood Designer Shake
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The TruWood® Collection features 37 different profiles of siding, from the 16- inch-wide Cottage Lap® Sidings to the distinctive, half-inch Designer Shake™ Lap Sidings with its round and dagger-like shakes (think of a Queen Anne-style home with gingerbread trim and you've got the picture). Three of the siding profiles feature Sure Lock™, which is put up using TruWood's unique concealed nailing system.

All 37 profiles are durable, engineered-wood products. They're made from 100 percent wood that's been engineered to take out all the defects of natural wood-knots and splits, for example. "It's made in such a way that we can offer a 30-year transferable warranty on the products. In fact, we are unique in the industry in that we don't play the 'Warranty Wording' game. We warranty the product for 30 years," says Paldino. "And it's transferrable to all owners."

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Unlike concrete siding, the TruWood Collection installs with normal woodworking tools. It is pre-primed, which offers a consistent surface that's ready to accept paint and exterior topcoats. Its industry-leading coating technology ensures uniformly primed boards for added weather protection.

"When I first started in this business, back in the old days, the most popular [siding] product was just a panel that was installed with battens 2 feet or 4 feet apart, that's how they changed up the look of the house," says Paldino. "Our product breadth is so large it allows builders to mix sidings on different houses. That means it's ideal for a single-home builder whether it's the owner, a custom homebuilder, or a production builder."