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More Than Just a Beautiful Face (or facade)

TruWood Old Mill® Shingle Siding is split siding made easy

Ask anyone who has seen the beautiful homes on Cape Cod and they will probably rave about the rustic beauty of those quintessential New England shingle-sided houses. There's no doubt that the natural look of cedar shingles, such as those found along the Massachusetts coast, far outshines the appearance of any type of cement or vinyl siding.

TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding
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These days, that natural look comes at a price-both materials and labor. It's no surprise that the labor cost would rise with the application of each individual shingle when covering a large surface area, such as a retail building or upscale home. Even small accent areas can be expensive. Additionally, the type of quality cedar needed for such a project can be difficult and costly to obtain. Although cedar trees are being replanted, they are generally too young to produce the same quality cedar used in the past.

TruWood, whose siding and trim is manufactured by the Collins Companies in Ore., can reduce both labor and material costs. TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding is a durable, engineered-wood product that's pressed with a grain pattern to look exactly like a quality hand-split shingle. However, this shingle siding can be bought and applied at a fraction of the cost of natural cedar. Additionally, it is engineered to eliminate splitting, cracking, and checking, which reduces maintenance costs. In fact, TruWood offers a 30-year fully transferable warranty on Old Mill Shingle Siding.

Unlike the tools needed to apply cement shingles, no special tools are necessary to install TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding. Their easy-to-haul four-foot lengths and convenient shiplap edges make the process both time and cost efficient. TruWood also provides helpful installation videos on its Web site at http://www.collinsco.com/TruWood/Instructions/Video/.

Brian Osness, manager at Allside Supply in West Jordan, Utah, has been carrying TruWood's Old Mill Shingle siding since 2009. Allside supplied the product to KNP Construction of West Jordan for a recent retail building project. Osness was pleased with the product, commenting that "it went up very easy, had great curb appeal, and was more cost-effective than the alternative."

Others seem to agree. Kevin Paldino, reports that TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding sales are up almost 300% from last year. "People are recognizing the beauty and ease of this labor-saving product," says Paldino. "Builders can use Old Mill Shingle Lap to meet their clients' budgetary and visual dreams but maintain an easy application process for themselves, reducing the cost for all involved."