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TruWood Cottage Lap Siding

TruWood 1/2" Cottage Lap® Siding is one of our most popular patterns. Cottage Lap Siding has a distinctive look that can add elegance and style to any home. TruWood Siding combines competitive price and high quality to set a new industry standard for value. Expert craftsmanship and proven performance make TruWood Siding an excellent choice for today’s quality and value conscious builders.

First impressions always matter. Our family of six Cottage Lap profiles provide today’s builders with the labor-saving advantage of a 12" and 16" wide board. Our Channel Rustic Lap Siding is stylized after the old world charm of rustic cedar channel groove siding. Other 16" profiles include the 4," 5" or 8" Cottage Laps. The TwelveFour and TwelveSix Cottage Lap patterns deliver the same unique features in a 12" wide board.