Collins Almanor Forest

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Forest Contact
    Collins Almanor Forest
    P.O. Box 796
    Chester, CA 96020

Community Profile

Collins Pine Company provides jobs for nearly 200 people in the Chester, California area, many of whom come from second or third generation forest families who have worked for Collins Pine since 1943.

In addition to being a large employer in the area, taxes paid by Collins Pine help support Plumas County schools, build local roads, and maintain local public services. But contributions to the community don’t end at the tax office.

Collins Pine Company also provides funding for a host of community charities and is the annual sponsor of Little League, the Chester Fun Run, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other children’s groups. And land grants from the Company have aided expansion projects for the Plumas County School District, the local cemetery and the Chester senior citizen’s home.

Collins Pine Company also sponsors the Almanor Scholarship Fund which awards graduates of Chester High School $1,800 annually for 12 credits and more, or $2,400 annually for 16 credits and more, provided they maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Over 1,000 Chester area students have benefited from the program since its inception in 1944.

In this way, Collins Pine Company is helping to nourish the development of one of our most valuable resources—our community.