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Eric Schooler Timber Processing 2022 Person of the Year.

-Timber Processing Jan/Feb 2022

California wildfire fallout: Timber industry confronted by too many dead trees, warns of damaged forests.

-San Francisco Chronicle November 28, 2021

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"Collins is featured during the Greenbuild Expo in Philadelphia – setting the standard for sustainability."

Collins receives Operator of the Year for Barry Point work

-Lake County Examiner, January 15 2014
"Collins Timber Company recently received the Eastern Operator of the Year for its work on the Barry Point fire clean up from the Oregon Department of Forestry."

Salvage logging: Nature can't do it alone

-Herald and News, October, 2013
"The importance of Lake County’s only sawmill, both economically and socially, was highlighted during a Thursday tour of forest lands burned by last year’s massive Barry Point Fire and a tour of the Collins Lakeview Sawmill."

Collins Lakeview employee Al Campuzano is featured in this recent publication by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

-Oregon Forest Resources Institute, September 2013
"Find your path."

Collins Companies #22

-Land Report Magazine, Fall 2012
"100 Largest USA Landowners."

Collins Companies Installs MegaMill and Receives Maximum Results

-National Hardwood Magazine - September 2012
"Purchased by Collins, seven years ago, the Collins Richwood Hardwood mill manufactures Red Oak, Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Poplar, Basswood and Cherry."

Collins Companies Debuts Pacific Albus

-Timber Processing magazine - April, 2010
"Developing and introducing a new lumber product can be challenging; doing it during some of the toughest lumber markets in decades is downright tough...."

Buy The Good Wood

-The story of FSC
(21 minute video)

A Forest in the Desert: Hybrid Poplar Plantation Feeds New Mil

-The Forestry Source, July, 2009
The sawmill turns out lumber and cants for a variety of end products, ranging from pallets and landscape timbers to molding, paneling, and furniture.

2007 fire illustrates need to thin trees, some say

-The Sacramento Bee, July 20, 2009
A managed forest's ability to survive a fire is clearly illustrated 15 miles from where the Moonlight fire started, at the Collins Almanor forest in Chester. Like the Engel-mine forest, the Collins forest is managed on a sustained-yield plan.

Mill teaches environmental benefits

- Capital Press, June 25, 2009
Architects laid down their pencils and builders dropped their hammers last month. They, along with engineers from throughout Northern California, traveled to the Collins Pine Mill in Chester, Calif., to learn more about building "green."

Pollutant Breakdown

-Herald and News, February 9, 2009
Collins Products installed a biofiltration system to help clean its air before it's released from the lumber product plant.

The Ripple Effect

-Portland Monthly October 2008
WONDER WALL (Planet-Saving Particleboard)
In 2006, Collins introduced Pine FreeForm the first FSC-approved particleboard made from 100 percent postindustrial waste.

Sustainable Logging Uses "Waste Not" Ethic (video)

-NBC Nightly News, April 16, 2008
A private California logging company has figured out how to go " green," working with nature instead of against it. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

On The Cutting Edge

-CA Forests Magazine Volume 12 Number 2
"Our mill has changed with the times," says Terry Collins. "We've invested and adapted. We get more quality lumber from smaller trees than ever, and we produce clean energy while we do it."

Changing Faces

-The Bear Deluxe Magazine #27
Industry, agencies and activists join forces to manage Southern Oregon's crowded forests.

Keeping business green

-Herald and News, December 2, 2007
Collins Products' newest particleboard product was named one of the top 10 green building products in the country.

Making a difference in Oregon's forests

- The Oregonian, November 29, 2007
This year's fires in Southern California have raised questions about whether Oregon forests face similar threats.

Collins Products receives energy award

-Daily Business News, September 30, 2007
Collins Products received the Energy Leadership Award today from Energy Trust of Oregon in recognition of their outstanding commitment to energy efficiency and the environment at the company's Klamath Falls facilities.

Officials break ground for new sawmill

-East Oregonian, September 15, 2007
Sustainable was the word at the ground-breaking event for GreenWood Tree Farm's Pacific Albus sawmill near Boardman on Friday.

Boardman area sawmil to aid economy, environment, September 15, 2007
A new sawmill near Boardman will create steady jobs and environmentally friendly wood products, officials said Friday.

New mill to be built in Lakeview

-Lake County Examiner, March 8, 2007
Collins has announced the construction of a small log mill on its Lakeview sawmill property. Work on the $6.6 million dollar project will start immediately with operations scheduled to begin this fall.

The Collins Companies

-BlueWorks Business March 2007
Up until 1997, the sustainability efforts of The Collins Companies had focused on stewardship of its forests. The company let the forests grow without the use of fertilizers and they used selective harvesting techniques.

The Collins Pennsylvania Forest

-FSC News and Views, Winter 2007 Newsletter
The Collins Pennsylvania Forest comprises 127,000 acres of FSC-certified forests managed for a diversity of woods but are perhaps most renowned for their highest quality cherry wood.

The Natural Step (updated 2006)
A Natural Step Network Case Study of Collins.

Going to Market

-The Daily Journal of Commerce, March 23, 2006
Portland-based Collins Products is among the companies that offer Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. The Company's Lakeview Forest, located in Oregon and California, is on of three certified forests from which the company harvests wood.

Collins Companies Commemorates Sesquicentennial

-Lake County Examiner, January 26, 2006
Collins has been in the forest management business for quite some time now, 150 years to be exact and they have learned a few things in those years.

Kane Hardwood Celebrates 150 Years of Responsible Land and Resource Stewardship

-Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Fall, 2005
The Collins family attributes the long-term success of this thriving hardwood forest to their commitment to sustainable forestry, ecosystem management and natural biodiversity.

The Collins Companies Pledges $150,000 to New Forest Resources Building

-Penn State Live, August 12, 2005
Penn State and the Collins Companies, a family-owned forest products business, have something in common: both are celebrating 150th anniversaries this year.

FSC Forestlands in Our Backyards

-Section Z, Issue 6
What's the secret to Collins' ability to sustain its lumber mill, its jobs, and its wildlife? Once a decade, Collins foresters measure the volume of timber on their land to ensure that they are not cutting more than grows back.

Logging that's lauded

-RecordNet, Octber 19, 2003
Collins Pine relies on selective logging, taking only those trees that its foresters deem ready to come down, either for health reasons or because they've stopped growing or they're stunting the growth of their neighbors.

Leaping Forward

-Timber Processing, September, 2003
The newly renovated Collins Pine sawmill here is the kind of place where 20+ in. cants are regularly produced at the headrig, and where the small log line handles diameters well into the 20 in. range. At this random length and width cutting mill, new equipment and much-needed automation and optimization are making the facility more productive, efficient and competitive.

Forest Certification Growing Fast

-Environmental Building News, Volume 12, No. 4, April 2003
Among green building issues, forest certification is one of the most complex, the most controversial, and the most exciting. It is complex because multiple forest certification programs exist, with similarities and differences; almost as quickly as architects and specifiers can get a handle on the features of these programs, they change.

Can green-certified lumber make it?

-High Country News, June 24, 2002
Collins Pine Co., is betting $25 million on the green market share. Collins Pine is replacing a 59-year-old sawmill with a new one on the strength of the company's 94,000-acre Almanor tract in northeastern California - the first forest to be certified in North America.

The Forest for the Trees

-This Old House, April , 2001
Among the 100-year-old redwoods at Big Creek Lumber in California are the saplings that will provide wood for the future. To have its 10,000 acres certified, Big Creek selectively harvests trees of varying ages.

'Green' stamps

-Oregon Business Magazine, April , 2001
Northwest industries are recognizing the branding power of going green.

Collins Pine Co.: A Certified Success

-The Merchant Magazine, November, 2000
On Sept. 25, Collins Pine Co. in the northern Sierras of California, harvested a 126-year-old, 130-ft.-tall poderosa pine, their 2 billionth bd. ft. of timber.

Fremont Sawmill changes with times

-Lake County Examiner, January 26, 2006
In this present day, only one sawmill remains operating in Lake County. Established in the 1940's, the Fremont Sawmill still keeps up a busy workload for about 100 full time employees, which makes it the county's largest private employer.

Timber! (tenderly)

-Christian Science Monitor, October 19 , 2000
Felling trees, but not the forest. How one California logging company cuts and grows in balance.

New Kid on Campus: Eco-Friendly Particleboard

-SecondWave, Vol. IV, 1999
Collins produces approximately 35,000 square feet of certified particleboard for Middlebury College's Bicentennial Hall.

Collins Products Pushes Efficiency at P'Board Plant in Klamath Falls

-Panel World May 1999
Ongoing technical improvements and an experienced workforce keep the "old" mill finely tuned.

'Green' Consumerism Starts To Benefit Some Forests

-Christian Science Monitor, 31 Mar. 1999
Attractive, durable, economical-these are the qualities Roger and Regina Knight like about the hardwood maple flooring in their new Maine home. But the No.1 reason they chose it: This wood is "green"-certified green that is, guaranteed to have come from an environmentally well-managed forest.

Companies Try To Meet 'Green Label' Demand

-TriCountry Sunday, 7 Mar, 1999
U.S. consumers are looking for green label products and the Collins Companies, owner of Kane Hardwood, is working to meet the demand.

Businesses Link Arms for Promotions

-The Oregonian, Feb. 1999
Four Portland businesses, convinced that use of Earth-friendly building materials can help save the planet, are banding together to promote such items to consumers.

The New "Certified Wood" Sting Limited Edtion

-The Sounding Board, Vol 6, Jan. 1999
In recognition of Sting's unique talents, his illustrious career, and his long-standing commitment to the preservation of the rainforests.

Let Them Buy Green

-Oregon Business Magazine, Jan. 1999
Cutting back is a cutting-edge consumer trend. Who's buying and selling the concept of a sustainable economy?

Developing Markets for Certified Forest Products

-Oregon State University, Dec.1998 Corvallis, OR.
A teaching case study of Collins Pine Company with background notes by Eric Hansen and John Punches.

Protecting Forests Through Certification: The Good Wood Crusade

-World Wildlife Fund, Aug. 1998
In just the time it takes to blink your eyes, an acre of forest will have disappeared from the face of the Earth.

From Forest to Furniture

-Environmental Design & Construction, Mar.- Apr. 1999
More forests are becoming certified every year and, as a result, more certified wood is becoming available as a source for finished products.

Man of the Year

-Timber Processing, Jan.- Feb. 1998.
A progressive outlook that emphasizes sustainability and a cutting-edge approach to product marketing have made Collins Pine Company's Jim Quinn Timber Processing's 1998 Man of the Year.

Collins Pine: Lessons from a Pioneer

-Oregon State University, Jan. 1998. Corvallis, OR
Collins Pine Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, produces a variety of lumber products for industrial and construction markets.

Two Models of Sustainable Forestry

-Patagonia Catalogue, Spring/Summer 1994

These Woods of Ours

-CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt, 1993-11
(12 minute video of the 1993 feature story)

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