Committed to stewarding vibrant and healthy forest ecosystems.

Committed to delivering quality sustainable wood products.

Committed to providing rewarding careers
in safe workplaces.

Helping to build a better world.

Founded in 1855, Collins is family-owned with over 370,000 acres of FSC®-certified lands in California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Products include softwood, hardwood, NAF particleboard, and engineered wood siding and trim.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry.

We are committed to forest health on our managed lands and in the landscape around us.

Our forestry practices ensure the total forest ecosystem remains healthy, resilient, and diverse; Our operations support forest treatments and utilize timber and forest material on a sustained, renewable basis; And our forest products store carbon and contribute to the housing and living spaces necessary to a thriving society.

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Multiple sawmills and FSC®-certified forests around the United States.

The Collins corporate office is located in Wilsonville, OR. Our five manufacturing operations are located in Klamath Falls and Lakeview, Oregon; Chester, California; and Kane, Pennsylvania.

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