“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Collins forest public recreation, land use policies, DMAP units

We want you to enjoy our forests, too.

The Collins Pennsylvania Forest, Collins Almanor Forest, and Collins Lakeview Forest are private property. When the lands are open, recreational use is generally available to individual members of the public, provided the property is treated with respect. Please be sure to check the Collins Facebook page for up-to-date closure information, and please observe and comply with gates and posted signs.

Land Use Policies

Except during times when the lands are closed, the public may use Collins lands according to each forestland’s provisions. Please see the associated policy for the forest where you would like to recreate.

Collins Land Access Updates (June 28, 2024):

Due to heightened wildfire concerns, Collins is announcing the following status changes to public access to managed lands:

Collins Almanor Forest (Chester, CA): Effective Friday, June 28, 2024, Collins lands in the Almanor region are restricted to day-use only. Recreational day-use activities such as hiking, bicycling, fishing, and sightseeing remain permissible at this time. If conditions worsen, additional restrictions may be implemented. This policy affects Collins California timberlands in Lassen, Plumas, and Tehama Counties and will remain in effect until further notice.

Collins Lakeview Forest (Lakeview, OR): It is the policy of Collins Lakeview Forest (CLF) to be closed to public access during officially declared fire seasons. Both Oregon and California have declared the start of fire season, so CLF will be closed to public access until this status is lifted in the fall. This policy affects Collins timberlands in Lake and Klamath Counties, Oregon, and Modoc County, California.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

DMAP Units in Collins Pennsylvania Forest

For the 2024 hunting season the Collins Pine Company has selected 59 properties throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania totaling 113,000 acres. There are DMAP units in Clarion, Elk, Forest, McKean, and Warren counties. There will be 3332 permits to distribute for these DMAP units. All distribution will be handled via the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS).

If you have questions that are not answered below about DMAP, consult the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website. Hunters can purchase DMAP antlerless deer permits from license issuing agents or the PGC’s website if they have the DMAP unit number.

These permits are for antlerless deer only! Absolutely NO antlered deer are to be harvested with this permit.

DMAP Frequently Asked Questions

The management of the privately held Collins Lakeview Forest is based on the stewardship ethics and principles of the Collins Pine Company and the Collins family. This ethic is based upon a commitment to the health of the total forest ecosystem based upon adopted scientific and sustainable forestry and production practices. The production of wood will be only on a sustained, renewable basis; and provide social and economic benefits to the surrounding areas and communities.

You may receive up to two DMAP permits per property.

Hunters can purchase DMAP antlerless deer permits from license issuing agents or the PGC’s website if they have the DMAP unit number.

You do not contact Collins Pine Company to request a DMAP permit. All DMAP permits are available at in-store vendors across the state, or can be purchased online here.

Fees for DMAP permits are $10.70 for residents and $35.70 for non-residents. The permit you receive is only valid for the individual DMAP unit for which it is labeled.

These permits are for antlerless deer only! Absolutely NO antlered deer are allowed to be harvested with this permit!

Collins does not track DMAP permit availability.

If you attempt to purchase a permit through the PGC website or any licensing issuing agent, they will notify you if the permits for the DMAP unit you are interested in are sold out.

No. All of our land is enrolled in the Forest Game Cooperator Program with PA Game Commission which is open to the public, therefore individual written permission is not needed when it comes to this Sunday hunting requirement. It is considered public land when it comes to this aspect.

Collins forest public recreation, Hunters Sharing the Harvest program
Hunters Sharing the Harvest

Interested in harvesting a deer but do not need the venison? Please consider donating your legally harvested deer to a worthy cause at no cost to you.

Hunters Sharing the Harvest is Pennsylvania’s donation program for hunters who share their extra venison via a statewide network of butchers, food pantries, and community assistance centers.

Learn more about HSH here, or visit the official HSH website for more information.

Meet Our Certified Forests

Collins is committed to well-managed forestry practices across all of our land.