Committed to Well-Managed Forestry.

FSC®-Certified Forests


What is Certification?

It is a voluntary, market-based approach that provides consumers and the public at-large with an independent assessment of a forest’s management and operations from a rigorous, scientific framework.

What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) is an independent, nonprofit, non-governmental organization with diverse representation including environmental institutions, timber and trade organizations, forestry professionals, indigenous peoples’ organizations, community forestry groups, and forest product certification organizations from 25 countries. The Council accredits certification bodies and promotes voluntary, third party certification. The FSC logo on a product provides consumers with an assurance that the wood they use comes from forests managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

What are the measurement criteria for FSC certification?

A forest is scientifically evaluated based on management practices in three areas: sustainable harvest, ecosystem health, and community benefits. Biologists, ecologists, silviculturists, and foresters examine and measure the impact of forest practices on wildlife and their habitat, water quality, soil and plant conservation, natural forest sustainability and biodiversity, visual aesthetics, and the total ecological integrity of the forest.

What about other groups who call themselves “sustainable?”

The FSC is the only credible program currently operating. There are those companies who “self-certify” their forests, and there are those who use such eco-friendly terms in their advertising as “sustainable” or “environmental leaders” or “protecting the Earth.” Do not be deceived. The FSC logo is the only credible assurance to consumers that the wood they use comes from forests managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Who said it couldn’t be done?

Collins was the first privately owned forest products company in the United States to be comprehensively evaluated and independently certified by SCS under the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

We have become the first major timber company to grow and market certified lumber and wood products, manufacture certified particleboard and exterior siding, and implement sustainable practices into three of our manufacturing plants. We call it our “Journey to Sustainability”—in our forests, in our products, in our manufacturing. Collins is committed to extending these values to our suppliers and our customers as they pursue the responsible use of sustainable managed and renewable products.

Not just words or slogans, but actions. Actions to protect the integrity of our total forest ecosystem and our Earth.